The falkata - the antique sword, a crescent form which was in use in the territory of the Mediterranean, with unilateral sharpening, intending mainly for drawing the cutting blows. The wedge - an unusual form, because of it its center of gravity is displaced to a tip. It gives the chance to strike the powerful cutting blow which on force is comparable with blow of the axe. Since the center of gravity is displaced to an edge, the hand did not slide off on a blade, the absence metals per se and existence a little curved a handle navershiya that the sword did not slip out a hand is explained by it.

The general is long falkata - 600 mm.

The handle of a falkata is executed from a birch cap. Wedge is made of steel 40X10C2M. A sheath wooden, fitted by black skin. All metal parts of a product are decorated with an ornament and covered with nickel and gold.

Equipment of an ispoleniye: polishing, posing by a brush, an engraving a needle on varnish, etching, an engraving a cutter, nickel plating, gilding. 

Materials: Gold (999.9) - 4 microns, nickel, a cap birch, leather, steel 40X10C2M. 

Packing: The gift box from natural breeds of a tree, inside a box is trimmed by a velvet and the place for laying of a falkata is provided. 

The product is completed with the passport.

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