The stiletto — the pricking cold weapon, is from Italy with the direct crosspiece and a thin and narrow wedge, as a rule without sharpening of an edge. In a section the blade could be round, oval, the 3rd or 4-hgranny with dales and stiffening ribs.

The handle of a stiletto is executed from a birch cap and covered with protective lacquer. As material of a blade of a stiletto steel 40X10-C2M is used. By your order the blade can be made of damask or Damask steel.

Sheath is made of brass. A sheath is decorated with an ornament and covered with nickel and gold.

The stiletto meets standards of GOST P 51715-2001 "The decorative and souvenir products similar in the external building to cold or throwing weapon". The product is completed with the certificate of conformity and the passport.

Technology of execution: polishing, posing by a brush, an engraving a needle on varnish, etching, an engraving a cutter, nickel plating, gilding, blackening. 

Materials: Gold (999.9) - 4 microns, nickel, steel 40X10-C2M, a cap birch. 

Packing: The gift box from natural breeds of a tree, inside a box is trimmed by a velvet and the place for laying of a stiletto is provided. 

This product can be ordered according to your sketches, with drawing signature symbolics.

Price: 400$, depending on material selection, a blade and registration, the price will change.

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